August 11th, 2018

It’s raining beer!

As you know, we do things a little differently at Taphouse and that includes our building signs!

So here’s the background story of our new signs that appeared this morning. A couple of weeks ago, we thought the outside could do with a lick of paint. Unfortunately, the painters actually painted over the sign as well! So that got us to thinking – how could we make the front of the pub a little more interesting? We decided to create a system that allowed us to change the graphics on the front as often as we liked! Almost like using the front of the pub as an ever changing message board.

First out of the blocks is the artwork that went up this morning, a pattern of ‘beer droplets’. After the amazing summer we’ve had, with water shortages and thirsty Dubliners, we thought we’d celebrate the fact that there is never a drought on in the Taphouse – we’ve always got plenty of interesting and incredible beers to keep the thirst at bay!

So now, every time you pass through Ranelagh, look up. Who knows what fun message and visuals you might see!