Welcome back!

It’s been a long wait but we’re so happy to be back. Thanks for coming! Your hair looks great longer. We are back for our first day on Wednesday, 1st July from 4pm. We will currently only open for reservations but we look forward to welcoming walk-ins once we better understand our capabilities within the Covid-19 guidelines. There are temperature check/ sanitizing stations for your convenience. We ask that you don’t move around the place unnecessarily. Social distancing is the way to go! Thank you for following these guidelines and being such gems about it.

Reservations Only

For the moment, we are operating on a ‘reservations only’ basis. The best way to book is to click on ‘Book Now’ in the site menu or through our Facebook or Instagram pages (@TapHouseDublin).

Bookings are a maximum of 6 people per table for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Make sure to double check your booking time & numbers. Each person must order a meal. Two tables side by side where the people know each other cannot be booked – don’t be cheeky about it, ya divils! When booking a table there will be a deposit of €20 per table initially. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking your deposit will be forfeited.

Opening Hours

Monday: Closed for the moment

Tuesday: Closed for the moment

Wednesday: 4:00pm (Latest booking time slot 9:30pm)

Thursday: 4:00pm (Latest booking time slot 9:30pm)

Friday: 3:00pm (Latest booking time slot 10:00pm)

Saturday: 11:00am (Latest booking time slot 10:00pm)

Sunday: 11:00am  (Latest booking time slot 9:00pm)

As restrictions ease we hope to return to opening hours as normal and move away from reservation only and let you chill out longer than 1 hour & 45 minutes!


Each booking has a 15 minute grace period. Upon arrival avoid queueing, a host will bring you straight to your table. Please adhere to social distancing and mapped out areas. There will be a One Way system for travel. Each section has allocated exits. Your host will inform you of your exit upon seating you. Keep to the floor of the pub your table is on. Be like the Luas and stay on your track! Once seated, stay at your table unless heading to the toilets.

Tables cannot mingle. We need to know who’s at each table and be sure they’re staying there. We are fighting a virus here and the only thing we want you spreading is a bit of goss. When moving from your table we ask that you please wear a face covering and adhere to social distancing.


You can order straight from your phone without a server. Every table will have a unique QR code to scan that will bring up our menu and your table number. If only finding what you wanted on Tinder was this easy!

There will be a limited amount of servers, so use the online order system for faster service. Inform your host if you will be ordering online from your mobile or if you need a server.

In cases where QR code scanning and ordering is unavailable, limited waiter service will take your order as normal, adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Please stay mindful of the allotted time per table. Since there is a limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes per table, we ask that you place your initial food order as a group within the first 30 minutes of arriving. We ask that you don’t order food any later than 30 minutes before your allotted table time expires. The webshop will be open until 10pm daily if you wanted to take some food, growlers or cocktails home with you.


Please only use the allocated toilet for your floor. Keep following that path around the place! Don’t forget to put your face covering on whenever you leave your table and adhere to social distancing. Confirm your perfection in your phone camera! There’s a max of 3 people in one bathroom at a time, so just like that pint – in and out. And social distance those queues.

Tables on the first floor will use basement toilets and tables on the second floor will use third floor toilets.


There are four tables available for reservation on the terrace. If your reservation isn’t on the terrace, you must leave the building to smoke. Head out through the One Way System and assigned exit and have yourself a smoke. If the host is not available, follow the path back to your table.


We ask that you respect the time limitations for staying at a table. Contactless payment is available but we discourage cash payments.

Ideally, we ask you to pay online where you can even split bills. Technology, it’s the bee’s knees, let’s embrace it together!


We are showing all major sporting events that are running. There will be areas available to book with or without sound for matches. If you are booking for a sporting event, book your table for the exact time it starts. So, if there’s a rugby match you’re dying to see starting at 2:00pm, book a table for 2:00pm and arrive at 1:45 pm We might ask you to queue at a social distance, but it will allow us to get everyone seated in time. Wonder goals will not be missed on our watch…we hope!

Our Crew

We are running on reduced staff numbers so please keep that in mind. All our staff have been certified with accredited Covid-19 guideline training and adhere to the strictest quality of sanitization and hand washing. All staff members will have their temperatures checked before each shift. All staff members will be wearing masks on the floor.

Between seating reservations, tables will be completely sanitized and every night the entire building will be sanitized with an aerosol disinfectant mist fogger.


The webshop is still up and running, if the reservation scene isn’t your thing but you’re dying for a fresh pint. Takeaway growlers and cocktail kits will still be available for order. Pre-order click and collect any time from:

Tuesday- Friday 4:00pm – 10pm

Saturday – Sunday 12:00pm – 10pm

Just select the day you want to swing by. Deliveries will arrive before 7:00pm when ordered before 3:00pm on the same day.

Thank You for Your Continued Support & Patience

We know it’s annoying for you to deal with all these restrictions and time limitations. We thank you for your patience and participation. It’s great to finally be out again, but don’t let it go to your head! Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour, but if you stay mindful and keep a face covering around, you’re a star.