G.O.T. Weekly Monday Viewing 6

Date: May 20, 2019



We are gonna see it all in lovely HD with cinema sound. Episode after episode every week till Ice or Fire prevail….

Screening of episode 1 SELLING/SOLD OUT. Join us for episode 2 on Monday 22nd to take the next steps into the unknown. Tickets for episode 3-5 are avialable too, feel free to secure the lot. We’re gonna keep the best for last and do something special for the finale.

The Finale is on the 20th. Watch this space.

Event starts at 7pm

Tickets include G.O.T. drink on arrival, G.O.T. snacks and the screening. As well as some G.O.T. fun and games.

We have been able to secure a bottle of Johnnie Walker ‘White Walker’. Anyone who attends every screening is in with a chance to win this whisky; harder to get your hands on than Arya Stark.

Valar Morghulis